Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Video Tributes

Last week, I embarked on an experimental project-based learning activity with my standard and honors classes.  As mentioned in my previous post, the students amazed me with their creativity, collaboration and their willingness to work through challenges to create video presentations.

Below are the videos they created.  Overall, the results are remarkable!  Some of these videos are very powerful, some are entertaining and all are fascinating.  The videos are ordered as follows:

  • September 11th - very powerful!
  • Cold War: Nuclear Disasters, Cold War Intelligence and the Space Race
  • Protest and Rebellion: Civil Rights, Woodstock, Hippies
  • War: World War II and Vietnam
  • The Sixties: Tribute to JFK and 1960s Overview
  • The Twenties: Roaring 1920s and Women of the 1920s
  • Local History: Jacksonville

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